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othermoscow's Journal

Other Moscow
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Interesting places of Moscow
Our community is about the most interesting places of the capital of Russia, Moscow.
If you have ever been to Moscow, you must have seen the most obvious side of it. In our community, we can show you other Moscow: special, non-standard and fascinating places of this city.

In our journal, you will find information about many interesting places of Moscow and its surroundings, such as:

- museums
- cafes and restaurants
- parks, boulevards, nature reserves
- churches, temples, monasteries
- places where you can enjoy breathtaking view of the city
- sculptures and monuments
- interesting routes for excursions
- buildings with unconventional architecture
- streets, graffiti
- bridges, river embankments
- subway
- shops and supermarkets with original goods
- clubs
- street musicians
- all other places of uncommon type

Besides, you will know about original and interesting events:

- carnivals, masquerades, street festivities, exhibitions etc.

If you have been to Moscow and visited any interesting places, please, share your experience with us. Join us and tell us about diverting and beautiful places of Moscow and its surroundings!

If you have any questions, please, contact us.

Russian version of our journal: [info]anothercity

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