Shōgun Haru Kaze (haru_kaze) wrote in othermoscow,
Shōgun Haru Kaze

Victory day - 2013

Victory day in this year in Moscow has really many faces – singing, smiling, some crying and remembering those terrific and heroic days of World War II and some inspired. I tried to show you the whole kaleidoscopical picture, hope I’ve succeed. Faces of Victory Day in Moscow – enjoy!

01 He looks like a communist, but he’s not. On his shoulders is Victory Banner - The Soviet Banner of Victory. It is the banner raised by the Red Army soldiers on the Reichstag building in Berlin, on April 30, 1945, the day that Adolf Hitler committed suicide. It was raised by three Soviet soldiers: Alexei Berest, Mikhail Yegorov, and Meliton Kantaria, from Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia respectively. The Victory Banner, made under battlefield conditions, is the official symbol of the Victory of the Soviet people against Nazi Germany during the second world war. It is also believed to be one of the national treasures of Russia.

02 Some crazy people believe Stalin was the one who won that Victory, but, thanks God, most normal ones know it was united Soviet Nation, defending their lives, homes and children.

04 Volunteer

05 Another crazy man from Communist party

06 People dancing

07 Professional dancers

08 Thank you, Grandma!

09 Telling true story

10 Government awards

11 Old colonel

12 Field post letter

13 Old railwayman

14 Pretty smile

15 Hands

16 Happiness of attention

17 Glamorous Victory

18 Young eagles!

19 Modern art
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